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32 Over - Pop/Punk/Rock
32 Over is a Pop/Punk/Rock band formed out of the burbs. Being childhood friends, the 4 boys decided to start a band. Getting their name from a speeding ticket, members Jordan Comstock (Vocals/guitar), Matt Winthers (Guitars/backup vocals), Mark Foote (Bass),and Dan Lukaszewski (Drums) define originality in their rhythms and style of music.
website: www.32over.com
email: Booking@32over.com
The Anodyne Conflict - Emo-Core, Punk-Core
Hurley - Voice
Jeff - 6 String Thing
Spookey - Lo-Fi
Anthony - The Hardness Of The 6
Onyx - Beats
The Anodyne Conflict is a band from Connecticut. Jeff and Hurley started collaborating on a few songs and decided they needed a whole band very badly, aka they suck without the help of everyone in the band. They scheduled a tryout with Ben. Ben said sure and we all collaborated on 2 songs that Jeff and Hurley had come up with already. Later Spookey joined as the permanent bassist.The last addition to the band was Anthony, an ex-bass player for another local band that wanted to move onto something better. The end result, the phenomenon of The Anodyne Conflict.

phone: 860-488-0775
website: www.theanodyneconflict.cjb.net
email: rapid_decay@earthlink.net
FAIRFAX - punk/emocore
Fairfax is a four piece punk-rock/emocore group from Hebron, CT area, playing successfully for over a year with a foundation of two stellar guitar players.  We have set a groove at clubs like the Webster and the Maxxx Club and we are looking to expand our touring to other venues around the state. Our sound is quite unique and accomplished and much more than you might expect from a four piece  ensemble.
website:purevolume.com/fairfax and myspace.com/thefairfax
Getros - New Skool Punk (poppy fresh)
We are here for your ears, and are ready to make you dance. We guarantee a fun time, and will make you dance by the end of the set. If you aren't dancing, you will probably be laughing to hard at the stupid things we do...curious? BOOK US!
email: blinkfan104@hotmail.com
The Halo Jump - Emo/post-punk
The perfect blend of post-hardcore, emotional rock, and old school punk energy and passion, The Halo Jump write songs that beg to be listened to. " This is a flailing free fall of a band, carried aloft on power chords, enthusiasm and emotion (not 'emo' but actual emotion)" [New Haven Advocate, 10/10/02.] Fusing the pop sensibilities of Piebald with characteristics reminiscent of early At the Drive In and Mineral, The Halo Jump creates an addictive sound that leaves music lovers from all over the rock spectrum bobbing their heads.
website: http://www.thehalojump.com
email: thehalojump@hotmail.com
I Dare You - pop/punk
I Dare You
I Dare You is a three piece pop/punk band based out of central PA who has spent the last year and a half in and out of the studio recording 2 e.p's 's which have each sold over 2,000 copies pleasing the ears of anyone who has seen them on their tours up and down the east coast
phone: 570-850-1387
website: www.idareyourock.com
email: idareyouband@hotmail.com
N.F.A. - Metal/Punk
We are N.F.A. from Enfield, CT. We are six members strong - 2 singers/screamers, 2 guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer. We have an original sound, like old school thrash hardcore punk mixed with a little bit of newer hardcore. We have an original approach to lyrics, as well. I guess you could describe our material as a porno movie put into words over some good, heavy music.
phone: 860-966-7148
email: ld5_0_@hotmail.com
nothing more:. - Pop/punk
We are a pop/punk band from Newington, CT. We have been playing around New England for about a year now. We have opened for bands like River City Rebels, Doozer, Grover Dill, The Tunka Mighty, Scattered and many more. Check out the site for more information.
One Star Night-punk, rock
One Star Night is an Indie punk rock band from Ct. We are looking for any show we can get, so please contact us if you would like us to play with your band or at your venue.
website: www.purevolume.com/onestarnight
email: osnrock@yahoo.com
One Handed Suicide - Metal-punk-Grunge
We are an eastern CT metal/punk/grunge band...check out the site. We're always willing to play shows, travel not an issue. Playing with Under Investigation (ct punk band) 9-13-03. give us a call or email us. Consists of Vocalist Justin, Bassist Dave, Drummer Chris, and Guitarist Amy.
phone: 860-908-3341
website: www.geocities.com/onehandedsuicide
email: onehandedsuicide@blackmail.nu
Pluto Gang - PunkRock
Fast, sweaty, melodic punk rock.
phone: 860-543-0006
email: greenman1119@comcast.net
Precious Little - Psychedelic Downtempo Punk
When Chad buys something new, he has to show it off. When Chad buys a new guitar, he recruits his best friend Lee for vocal talent and takes off to various coffeehouses and public parks to perform his own brand of stylish, catchy music. After a series of convoluted lineup changes, Chad rejoinedforces with Chaas, a member of the Sometimes Drummers, and reemerged with a larger set and a new vision, and by the end of 2001 Precious Little rose again from primordial chaos. After four months of writing over forty new songs, Precious Little took to the studio and began recording their next opus, Pretty Insanity, which is due in 2004. Although most of 2002 was spent in the studio, Precious Little has not ignored their persistent fans and managed to play at several small outdoor shows in the summer-jam tradition, and recorded several live cuts in the process. In September of 2003, Justin set time apart from a busy schedule with Porto to round out the lineup on bass (after much characteristically insistent badgering from Chad). Precious Little is currently preparing to tour in support of the new album.
phone: 860-301-3087
The Preschool Dropouts - Punk Rock
We are a funny little punk band from Vernon, CT. Matthew Schaff is the guitarist and vocalist, Andrew Schaff is the bassist and vocalist and Mark Dunlap is the drummer and vocalist. Yes, they are all vocalist. But at concerts, Matt and Drew just sing. They are sponsored by Character Skateboards and they are looking for a record label and some girlfriends so record labels get ready and girls, take those birth control pills, cause here they come!
phone: (860) 871-1276
Psychotic Reaction -  Punk
Psychotic Reaction
Psychotic Reaction are a punk rock band from the New Haven area. Started in 1997, the band have played all over CT and New England and have many releases on their diy label PsychoBubblegum Records. Their live shows are energetic with lots of attitude. Described as punk, streetpunk, oi, old school, hardcore punk.
email: psychoticreaction1970@yahoo.com
Raine - Pop-Rock
David Lindland began the band two years ago in England, but after Raine's first album, Peace, reached gold status in Europe and Japan, the band moved back to Dave's hometown, Wilton. Their newest album, Extraordinary Life will be released in America this fall. This years tour has already spanned from Nashville to London, and the band continues to play all over the Eat Coast and in England. The diverse music backgrounds of the band members provides the audience with a unique listening experience they are sure to enjoy.
phone: (203) 762-1903
Riggy Smalls - punk
Riggy Smalls is a young up-and-coming punk band from West Hartford that has musical influences from " Sex Pistols" to " Red Hot Chili Peppes" We are currently looking for a singer.
email: woolychild13@hotmail.com
Sickboy - punk / ska
Sickboy is a young, three piece punk ska groove band from Northern CT. Music like Less Than Jake, Greenday, and The Rx Bandits, all mixed into one. Starting to play shows, and getting the name out.
website: www.sickboy.net
email: sickboymusic@hotmail.com
Start the Rebellion - Punk/Emo
A four girl punk/emo band with an edge!
phone: 860-250-5888
website: snowboardgrl713.tripod.com/str/
email: starttherebellion@hotmail.com
Stellar Decay - Punk/Rock/Emo
A local punk rock group from Coventry looking for some shows at small venues, currently working on recording a debut cd.
Still Witey - Punk
We are band that likes to fool around. We try oo so very hard to be good. We make jokes about something that someone would have no idea about. We are pretty much just a band with one goal...To do our best!!!
phone: (203)263-3367
The Second Advance - Punk
The Second Advance
Chad, Dan and Brett all played in bands since they we're kids.  Meeting up at a local bar one night the guys decided to give it one last try and formed the high energy rock band, The Second Advance.  With catchy hooks, fast beats and hard hitting guitar riffs, this 3 piece band brings it back to the basics with the upcoming release of their debut E.P. Strange Conversations.
contact email:thesecondadvance@yahoo.com
Useless Knowledge - pop punk / emo
Useless Knowledge is a local band from Wallingford. They play pop punk and emo, and are influenced by everything from Alkaline trio to NFG to Anti-Flag. The band consists of Tom on lead guitar and vocals, Scott an Bass and vocals, Ben on backup guitar and vocals, John on Lead Vocals, and Matt on drums and vocals.
phone: 203-265-4462
website: http://uselessknowledge.no-ip.com
email: m.terribile@snet.net


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