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After the Cut - Metal
After the Cut was started in December of 2003, by Frank Rodriguez "Vocals" and Nirson Rivera "Guitars". The band has hung together for a year and through nine different bass players, 6 different names, and the loss of several other members, but still in the end, the band has been stronger for it. Frank Rodriguez "Vocals" Nirson Rivera "Guitars" Nick Lanman "Drums" Steve Fortier "Bass" are working on recording their first demo as well as booking some shows, keep your eyes open for After the Cut. A straight up metal/hardcore group from West Hartford CT.
phone: 860-561-4669
AnAkA - Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal band from Brooklyn, New York, USA
AnAkA is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Brooklyn, New York, USA. AnAkA was originally formed in 2000. AnAkA's musical influences are Alice In Chains, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Black Label Society. AnAkA's music is being played and has been played all over the world from the USA to European radio stations, to radio stations in Argentina. AnAkA's first album, AnAkA, "Down Devil's Road" was released Fall 2001 and it helped establish AnAkA as a well respected and very talented young up-and-coming band. AnAkA's second studio album will be released this Fall 2003, AnAkA, "Rust & Jade" will show the world what AnAkA is truly all about. AnAkA is signed with Godsend Records.
phone: 917-596-1921
Angry Again -  Metal
Angry Again was formed in October of 2003. We play hard crunching metal from the 70's through the 90's, including Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society.  All the band members have been in various bands between NY. and CT. We are based out of Wallingford CT. Our members are are Adam Stenzi on Bass,
Tom Dow on Drums, Ray Smith Vocals and Scott
Dombroski on Guitar. We are currently booking through Cubed Squared at the above phone #.

phone: 860-229-9200
Apocolypse - Death Metal/ Horror Punk
We are a Death Metal band from Bolton. Worst town ever. We are an all original band. We are pretty crazy We are hoping to get some more shows lined up.
Before the Holy - Progressive Metal
phone: (860)887-5516
website: www.beforetheholy.com
email: bthdrums3@yahoo.com
BULLET - metal
The band members are as follows. lead vocals-heavy metal mike/from bad influence, seducer, frankie mob. lead guitar pat daven from, hex, bad influence, seducer. bass guitar cruise angel from avitar, prowler. drums/backing vocals, taz marazz from brute force, love pirates, frankie mob. the band plays metal... bullet's production includes a state of the art p.a. and 50 can par light show and fog. the bullet assaults you with AC/DC JUDAS PRIEST MOTORHEAD QUIET RIOT METALLICA UFO DIO .... HOW BIG IS THE CLUB? THAT'S HOW MUCH GEAR WE BRING. BIKER'S WELCOME!!!
phone: 908-907-3281
email: activeaudio@comcast.net
BUZZARD - Rock / Hard Rock / Metal
For all of you who love Hard Rock and Classic Metal!!! We are dedicated to bringing back all your harder favorites from the 70's and 80's, and jamming our kick-ass originals. Although only out on the public scene since the summer of 2003, BUZZARD flew out of the basement like a bat outta Hell and is already rocking the house down! BUZZARD covers old Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Motorhead, AC/DC, KISS, Judas Priest, and more! And our originals are influenced by all the great "old stuff" with a new twist. We're all your favorite classic metal bands rolled into one!
email: BUZZARDBAND@aol.com
Common Brutality - Metal
Common Brutality
Straight out of Ct a band emerged by the name of Common Brutality. Our influences include lamb of god, vehemence, Pantera, Arch Enemy, Bury your dead, and lacuna Coil. With our widespread musical influence our style is unmatchable. We recently have been dicovered by a band from Puerto Rico, Machete. And they are helping us live our dreams of being great muscians.
phone: (860) 459-5148

website: www.CommonBrutality.tk
email: BlackenedSinner@yahoo.com
Damage Tone - Metal
DAMAGE TONE is a metalcore band from Rockville, CT.  The band was formed in October 2001 with their original drummer and guitarist under the name DeRail.  In March of 2003, DeRail changed their name to DAMAGE TONE to more suit their style of music.  March of 2004 was filled with great difficulty for the band.  Their original drummer and guitarist left the band in the same week.  It was looking like the end of the tracks for the band formerly called DeRail.  Thanks to Kris Keyes, of Gargantua Soul, the band was convinced to press on.  Later that week, Shawn Brooks contacted the remaining members, Jesse Bellefleur and Tim Brayne of DAMAGE TONE.  By the end of March, Shawn was to be officially named as DAMAGE TONE's guitarist.  In mid-July, after months of searching the band finally found their new drummer in Adam Costa.  DAMAGE TONE played two shows with Jesse Lee sitting in on guitar with Shawn.  Following those shows, Jesse B. called Jesse L. and asked him if he would like to join the band.  He said, "yes" and the band line up was complete.
phone: 860-617-3056
website: www.damagetone.com
DimDreD - Metal
DimDreD was born in January of 2003 and is one of the best METAL bands in CT. If you like it heavy, hard and fast then you'll love this S*#T.
phone: 860-205-4584
email: dimdred@yahoo.com
Disposable Heroes - METAL
Disposable Heroes
from Kill 'em ALL to the St.Anger

phone: 203.888.4844
email: SevenStringESP@aol.com
Drop Factor - Metal
Drop Factor
We're Drop Factor, a local metal band from Old Saybrook. We're high energy, and play our own music, our demo is out and available!! Open to any bookings and offers, check out the site!
Ed Black - Hardcore/Metal
Ed Black
Three guys from varied rock backgrounds forming a new group out of strife and frustration. The members have been collaborators in prior projects that went little to nowhere. Since the singers departure from their last musical venture the boys decided to take time off to rest and do some much needed soul searching. During that period the trio felt like it was time to show what they where worth. In what seemed millennia the trio put together new material in record time. During which the group took on the new name of Ed Black. They've moved on from the Punk/Indie scene to head back to there roots of Hardcore. Although simple terms must be used to categorize their change in sound, the new demo should prove more difficult to place.
phone: (203)531-5060
website: www.mp3.com/Ed_Black
email: Ed_Black_@hotmail.com
Emmure - heavy metal/hardcore
We're a CT based hardcore/heavy metal band. Influences are hatebreed chimaira blood has been shed.. please check it out and any bands that wanna do shows email emmure1@hotmail.com
phone: 203-746-7152
website: emmure.cjb.com
Fallout - Metal
FALLOUT....the word alone brings about images of a post-nuclear world. A world devoid of shelter from the oncoming horrors. FallOut is the soundtrack to that landscape. With crushing guitars from Tony DiFronzo and Patrick Francoeur, formerly of Deadwait and Vicious Cirkil and Damage Tone, respectively, Earth-shattering bass from "t;No Body Special"t;, mind-numbing drums of Bobby Piercey, FallOut are the new beasts on the block in Connecticut and surrounding areas. Already receiving acclaim from listeners for their older demo, entitled "t;The 'LOST' e.p."t;, FallOut are in the stage of planning their domination of the Northeastern music scene since Fallout through the past 6 months has under gone line-up changes and material improvements. They prove to only get better with time! Shows are being lined up for the year 2006 and beyond, already, this band shows no signs of slowing down or giving into popular trends just to please corporate America. Check them out at any one of their shows, listed on their myspace page and you too, will see the future of heavy music in the Northeast!
phone: 860-605-6184
website: http://www.myspace.com/falloutct
email: falloutband@msn.com
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra - Heavy Metal\Hardcore
FPRO is an original "metal-core" group from Southern CT., formed in early 2002. They have played with such bands as: Burnt by the Sun, Six Feet Under, Internal Bleeding, Clutch, Murphy's Law, M.O.D., Mortician, etc. FPRO has a unique sound, and incorporates many different styles in their music. Come see this band...you will not be disappointed!
website: www.fatherpanicmusic.com
email: fprorchestra@sbcglobal.net
Flatline - Metal
We're a metal band based out of Colchester CT. Hints metalcore and nu metal. Always looking for big shows give our manager Anthony a call 1-860-965-8042 or just email us.
phone: 1-860-965-8042
The Grey - Metal
...in a world of black and white, we are The Grey. The Grey emerged in the summer of 2002. They mold many different styles of metal into one cohesive wrecking ball. The Grey defies a definite metal classification. Just listen and enjoy the madness.
phone: 860-978-3674
website: http://www.the-grey.com
email: impinc@the-grey.com
Habitual Coersion - Heavy Metal
We are a very technical band out of Toledo, OH. A demo will be released in the near future, most of the recording is done. Habitual Coersion is currently setting up show dates all over the midwest and the demo will be available from our website. I will be updating when everything is up and running.
phone: 419-476-5980
website: coming soon!!!
HEADWRENCH - Hard Rock/ Metal
Hey people, HeadWrench is here to jam the scene with you. We are a Connecticut based hard rock /metal band  from the northwest corner of CT.  We are mostly original with some covers.  Our music is full of energy and drive.  We have played venues such as Toads Place, The Corner Pocket, The Continental NY, CBGB's NY and The Webster Theater. Check out our website www.headwrench.net. Hope to see you soon. Peace
phone: 860-480-0317
website: www.headwrench.net
email: contactus@head-wrench.com
Mary Kelly - Original Metal
All original band out of New Haven County, playing hard rock/metal. Four heavy hitting band members, with a will to rock.
phone: (203) 874-3683
website: marykellyrocks.com
email: midnite@ntplx.net
The Martha Fockers - Metal Tribute to 80's Hair Bands The Martha Fockers
Who are the Martha Fockers, you ask?
They are the bad ass band playing the best of 80's hair metal all throughout the tri-state area. You have not seen a more energetic band who devotes their talents to the music that they love-Cheesy 80's hair metal. Covering bands like Poison, Motley Crue, Winger, Tesla, AC\DC, Scorpions, Warrant and all the other great bands from the decade of Leather, Lace and Hairspray. The Martha Fockers are veteran musicians with a great deal of live experience. It's their passion for playing live and love of rockin' out that makes a Martha Fockers show a " can't miss event." If you're looking for " Nothin' but a Good Time" on the " Highway to Hell" or one of those " Big City Nights" let the Martha Fockers " Rock You Like a Hurricane" , Till then we'll be " Livin After Midnight."

phone: 516-805-3395
website: www.fockersrock.com
MegaHertZ - rock/metal
Megahertz is Connecticut's premiere Metal Tribute who's goal is to rock every place they play. Megahertz has establish a good following in the tri state area and it continues to grow at every performance. They relish playing live and never disappoint, always hitting the stage like it's the last time. Megahertz plays their covers true to their originality. The play list consists of hard rock/metal tunes that were forgotten from the 80's and early 90's, also some original material. Megahertz live performances are not just shows but an experience not to be missed. In the words of John Corabi and Robbie Crane of RATT " Megahertz rocks, they're great" . The boys love to involve the crowd at every turn with antics and singing. Megahertz makes you relive those times forgotten.
website: http://WWW.MHZROCK.COM
email: mhzrock@optonline.net
phone: 203-536-4391
Myth Six - metal/ alt metal
Myth Six
We are a metal band out of New London, Ct. Always looking for shows to play at and bands to play with. check us out and our new 4 song Demo. support local music.
phone: 860-857-3960 or 860-440-3752
email: mythsixx@yahoo.com
Model American - Metal/Hardcore
Metal/Hardcore is the best "Model American"; can be described. The Guitarist comes from a mainly Hardcore background with touches of old school Metal. The Drummer enjoys anything that has rhythm especially if it has rock attitude. Bassist is along the same lines as the drummer but has tendency to mahispel.
phone: (203) 531-5060
email: elhuggybear@hotmail.com
Mortal Madness - Metal
We are a sultry screaming bitch; electric guitar crunch and squeal; bass thump, crunch and slide; drums pounding like a thunderstorm original metal band out of Guilford, CT. Raw but structured Metal Debauchery laden with powerful scream along obscene lyrics, shredding emotional solos, rythmic moving bass lines, and heart palpitating drum rolls. Head bangers with whiplash. Drink yourself into a stupor. Drop us an email, give us a call for a demo or to play shows. Let the Madness begin!
website: myspace.com/mortalmadness
email: Dorianngry@aol.com
One Handed Suicide - Metal-punk-Grunge
One Hand Suicide
We are an eastern CT metal/punk/grunge band...check out the site. We're always willing to play shows, travel not an issue. Playing with Under Investigation (ct punk band) 9-13-03. give us a call or email us. Consists of Vocalist Justin, Bassist Dave, Drummer Chris, and Guitarist Amy.
phone: 860-908-3341
email: onehandedsuicide@blackmail.nu
One Scarred Angel - Metal
One Scarred Angel
Hailing from Torrington CT One Scarred Angel brings to you a passionate concoction of hardcore and metal; a sonic explosion that will peel the skin off your bones.
phone: (860)379-1276
Ordinary Trauma - Metal
Ordinary Trauma

Ordinary Trauma is a heavy rock/Metal band from Western Connecticut. Soon to realease their debut album along with an independent music video, through Retribution Entertainment. Keeping the fans directly updated through their " Video of the Week" which is a free download availoable on ordinarytrauma.com
OUTRAGE - Hardcore/Metal
Outrage is connecticut Metal at it's finest. Our influences range anywhere from Shadowsfall,Overcast,Inflames, Old sepultura, Lamb of god, Dimmu Borgir, Children of the Bodom, Hatebreed, Diecast, The haunted, etc. Our sound is very original and could be classified somewhere in the hardcore/Metal category. We are a serious devoted band. This is our life. We are based out of Waterbury and Seymour CT. Our goal is to become a big part of the Metal scene. We have been together since the summer of 2003. We plan to stay together for a very long time. Our songs express hatred, conformity, insanity, Progression, etc. This band is being described as one of the best bands this state has to offer. If anyone wants to book us for a show please contact us.
phone: (203)735-4229
Phasmatis - Black metal
Satanic black metal with a bit of death metal.
email: phasmatisband@lycos.com
Reflections Of Ruin - Melodic Death Metal
Reflections of Ruin
We are a melodic death metal band out of Torrington, CT. We should have a CD coming out early to mid 2004, we love to play any and all shows that we can, so if you're interested, get a hold of us.
website: www.reflectionsofruin.tk
email: thejesterrace@sbcglobal.net
Requiem Laus - Melodic Death Metal
Requien Laus
Requiem Laus is known for covering a multiplicity of metal genres along the years and the ability of sifting it into a unique substance that hardens by the time.
email: requiemlaus@hotmail.com
Rest Area 51 - Nu Metal
Rest Area 51
" While you were at recess tied to a tetherball pole, these guys we in the principles office counting your lunch money. They F@#king Rock!" - Bob Schmob (Metal for Muthas) " Crushing guitar backed by a powerful and dynamic rhythm section and a singer that could peel the chrome off a '57 Buick!" - House of Mayhem
phone: 860-489-0352
website: http://www.restarea-51.com
email: rest51@optonline.net
Satans Evil Children -   rock rap death metal
We are a beginning band looking to become a big hit and we need some help so I will do this to help out the band
phone: 860 347 0903
Silent Mourning - Metal
Silent Mourning
Silent Mourning is CT's premiere metal-core act. SM's music encompasses a wide vocal range, ruthless, often harmonized guitar riffs, and brutal drumming and effects. Do not miss your chance to see Silent Mourning live. This is one show you cannot afford to miss.
Silent Spring - Metal
Jason Mieczkowski: Vocals
Kevin Meng: Guitar, Keyboards
Sean Barton: Bass
Chris Ochman: Drums
Silent Spring is a band from Milford, Ct who are a mix of thrash, power, and death metal. They have been around for a year and are just starting to come up in the business. They are here to begin a new era of metal!

phone: 203-874-2859
website: www.geocities.com/moofff42/SilentSpring.html
email: rmieczkowski@snet.net
The Storm Front - Metal
The Storm Front is a band with an endless list of inspiration.  Ranging from bands like Dream Theater to Pink Floyd and just about everything in between. Together the guys make a style and a sound that really isn't heard much at all.  It's like taking Dream Theater and Disturbed, placing in blender and then hearing the result. Its truly amazing. with 26 original songs and a growing list of covers The Storm Front seems to make a big impact where ever they are.
phone: 203-525-8582
email: info@thestormfront.net
The Suffering - Metal
We are The Suffering, a high energy, high speed, high volume metal band. Our influences lie in all types of aggressive music, and all comes out sounding like a new generation thrash band. We have played with the likes of The Misfits, Scar Culture, Moonspell and Exhumed and are looking to get a couple more notches in our belts. We play most anywhere, most anytime, contact us through our website.
website: www.thesuffering.com
email: supascoopax23@yahoo.com
The Way of All Flesh - Metal
The Way of All Flesh
The Way of all flesh is a combination of pure metal, mixed with feath metal and some hardcore to bring you one of the most original sounds in years! Compiled with ex-members of Hatebreed, 2x4, and Path not Taken, as well as current members of All My Sins. Get you A$$ out and see the flesh!!
phone: 203-913-5102
Tight Rope - Metal
Tight Rope
Tight Rope was formed in January 2003 with aspirations of dominating the ct metal scene. Mixing fast ass kicking solos and metal/hardcore and breakdowns that sounds like a kick to the fucking head Tight Rope creates a sound of there own. With the release of the bands three song demo \" The Slaughter Of Songbirds\" they began to grow a dedicated following, due to energetic live shows and playing with bands such as Devil Driver, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Super joint Ritual, Madball, Morbid Angel, and Reach 454. They will continue to give there all in what they do. The Great Decay the bands d�but full-length expect something that brings new kind of metal sounds to the table. with the new Full-length CD on the way you can only wait and see what's next to come
email: tightrope@tightrope.cjb.net
Torn From Our Home - Metal
Torn From Our Home
We are a metal band that started over a year ago. We will have a CD out in August of 2003. We love to play any type of shows! We are a very energetic group of people.
website: www.tornfromourhome.tk
email: tornfromourhome.tk
Vengeance is an original metal band influenced b Priest, Maiden, etc....Always high energy, always heavy metal! Vengeance is Duncan MacIntyre, Scott Capaldo, Steve Rodriguez, Peter Laurino and Kurt Schock.
phone: Duncan  (860) 349-9552
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