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Beneath It All - Heavy Alternative
Beneath It All
Beneath It All Music without borders. The way its supposed to be played. Growing out of the crackes in the pavement of Northwestern Connecticut, Beneath It All is an all-original modern rock adventure for all to see them. They leave audiences amazed and thundering for more.
Final Fall - alternative
Final Fall
Final Fall is dedicated to their music and is determined to follow their dreams. They are driven by their love of music and live everyday to be able to share that.Their hope is to inspire others to follow their dreams, and to not be afraid of where they may lead. Neighbors Rachel Carson and Kim Bifulco, who grew up in the small town of Ellington, Connecticut, are Final Fall. Both girls had played together on and off in different bands for over seven years. When those bands didn't work out, Racheal and Kim realized they shared the same level of commitment and they still should be making music together; creating Final Fall. Rachel plays guitar, piano, and is the lead singer, while Kim plays drums and sings backup vocals.
email: finalfall3@yahoo.com
Five Feet Deep - Alternative
Five Feet Deep
We are a 3-piece alternative (90s?) sort of band local to Bethel. We play all originals and are home for the summers and winters. We'd love to play gigs!
email: m_freed@skidmore.edu
Hieroglyph - alternative siren pop-rock
A four-piece original band with some choice overs. We're fronted by Laura Delallo (vocals guitar); a talented songwriter with an excellent voice, backed by an experienced trio (guitar,bass,drums). We've played all over Fairfield County, NYC and New Haven. Check out our website for more info.
phone: (203)554-3301
website: www.hieroglyphmusic.com
email: glickfix1@yahoo.com
Joykamp - Alternative
Joykamp is one of the finest examples of what the awesome independant music scene has to offer. This heavy alternitive, politically and socially aware foursome are musically fresh and satisfy in a way that the mainstream media approved bands never can. Joykamp formed in 2003 and has attracted the attention of industry and the public like no other. Winning awards, heavy radio play, as well as print, television, and radio interviews and appearences, have been the norm.
email: Joykamp@joykamp.com
J Scott - Alternative, Rock
J Scott
J Scott's music carries with it, a rustic, earth driven spirit that walks the line of rock and "real" country, and yet, there is a noticeable jazz influence in his phrasing. As a solo artist, he performs with a loop station that allows him to incorporate guitar, trumpet and harmonies into live shows. He has shared the stage and/or opened for; Drums and Tuba, Mile One, Racer Mason and Infinate Number of Sounds and Pureplex.
Misplaced Deagle -  Alternative Rock
One day, Phil Siano and Rick Barone were hanging waiting to go to the movies when Phil saw Rick's guitar and said: " they should start a band"; so they did. Soon Rick brought David into the band as a back-up guitarist. Rick also found James, the four got together one day for their first practice. The weekend after that, Rick and Phil got together and wrote ";commitng Sins in church"; Weeks later Rick's cousin joined as a keyboardist. A short time later, David left the band and Phil brought Chip into the band as the new back-up guitarist. And here they are.
Nameless - Alternative
Nameless Band
Nameless is an up and comming alternitive rock band whose influences include Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Lynard Skynard, and others. Formed in the fall of 2002, Nameless is made up of four talented guys from East Hartford, all of whom not only love music, but life itself. Check out our website for more info.
ORYON - alternative
This rock quartet from southeastern Connecticut is no stranger to the local music scene. Forming in late 2001, Oryon has branched out to play shows all over the area, open up for national acts, and record 3 albums.  The band is looking to the future, just completing the recording of a new album that is scheduled for release in 2005.  These boys won't try to inpress you with too many stupid quotes and cliches that every band in the world has used at some point or another.  they believe that the music should speak for itself   So give them a listen!
See Jane Run - Alternative Pop
See Jane Run
Orginal Alternative Retro Pop. Now what the heck is that? See Jane Run combines influences from the 60's to today an blends them into an infectious mix of jangley guitars and vocal harmonies. Somehow or another, it all makes sense and combines together to create the distinctive sound of See Jane Run thats fun to be around.
Session Five - Alternative-Rock
Session Five
Session Five are an alternative-rock band playing original music in the New Haven,CT area. Visit our website for more info...
email: sessionfive@yahoo.com
Shadow - alternative
Modern rock/Spoken Word Diva, Shadow carries 6 strings, 76 keys and a couple of sequencers to present poignant poetry, riveting rhythms,uncluttered yet vibrant choruses and melodies dancing up and down a four octave range to spew spoken and song with a ferocious flair to fan the flames that feed the fire, as a one woman, rock and roll,medicine show spreading love from place to place.
phone: 203-685-6031
Slap That Kid - Alternative Rock
Slap That Kid
Slap That Kid is an intriguing and hard-driving rock band. They have a sound all their own and manage to stick to the roots of rock n roll without falling into the trap of sounding like everyone else.
Ubie - acoustic/alternative/emo
I write, perform and record in a project band called UBIE,which releases both acoustic/alternative as well as electronic sounds. I began my musical career playing guitar in many different punk bands such as Loafmeister,Misunderstood, and Straight Forward. Since 1998 I have dedicated most of my musical writing to a style that is more personal. I have just released an acoustic/alternative CD called Learning Process", which can be found along side of my electronic releases at http://www.ubieview.com
phone: 203 856 6553
Ziggy and the Noise - Alternative
Ziggy and the Noise was started in 2002 but was reformed in late 2005 with a new lineup. They are currently recording their first cd, Circling About Us. They blend alternative music with classic rock and other genres of music. They enjoy playing shows and like to play as much as possible.


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