A comprehensive guide for musicians and people looking for live music entertainment in Connecticut. Information on CT Bands, calendars, stages & venues, events, recording studios, record companies, booking agents, a legal corner, education, music stores, repair shops, photographers, classifieds, message board, online ct cd store, gift certificates & more....! Find music businesses in Fairfield County, New Haven County, Hartford County, Middlesex County, Litchfield County, Tolland County, Windham County, New London County Connecticut Area. Adam Gooch - Acoustic/Emo
College student looking to play originals around the state in smaller settings. Great energy and talent. Acoustic generally, but with great enthusiasm.
website: http://www.myspace.com/adamgooch
email: burtonboarding03@charter.net

Andrew Scott Lane - Acoustic, Rock, Folk, Blues
Andrew Scott Lane
I have been playing guitar for quite a while. I am also a singer songwriter. I can play events solo or with a second guitar plus percussion. I am looking to play gigs & meet like minded musicians to create some magic.
website: http://www.reverbnation.com/andrewscottlane

Bone Dry - Acoustic/Electric Blues & Rock with a funky groove
Bone Dry plays an upbeat mix of rock & blues with great harmonies and really talented musicians. Opened for acts including BB King and Fabulous Thunderbirds. Visit website for more info and live music clips.
website: www.bonedryband.com
email: barry@bmigroup.com

Close To Fate - Acoustic Rock
Close To Fate began as two young men came together with their guitars to create an original sound that combines powerful lyrics with acoustic rock. Mike Kulbieda and Eddie Simon became known in the local scene not only for their music but also their ability to get more drunk than the crowd and still put on a show. With the addition of Mike Maffeo, a punk rock bass player from Chicago, the band began to take shape in the late summer of 2003. It wasn't until Joe Csordes joined the group did they become Close To Fate. His hardcore influence on the drums allows for a sound that acoustic music has never heard before.
phone: 203-240-4404
website: www.closetofate.com
email: Maffeo22@comcast.net

Frank Critelli is a long-time New Haven scenester. This singer/songwriter/impresario appeals to a wide variety of listeners.
website: http://www.frankcritelli.com
email: frankcritelli@yahoo.com

Daria Musk Trio - Acoustic Fusion
A soulful acoustic fusion of rock, funk, folk, reggae and jazz. A high energy, groove-based, virtuostic blend of sound. "With Daria Musk Trio it's all about playing live." While currently working in the studio creating their first fully-produced album, The Daria Musk Trio is truly a live performance band. Since their formation they've been on a continuous touring schedule. Captivating audiences everywhere they go, their shows exhibit solid musicianship, exciting stage presence and fresh upbeat songs that range from high energy to soulful lush melodies. Starting out in coffee houses DM3 has now expanded to large and exclusive venues throughout Connecticut and New York City. With a steadily growing fanbase, and radio play stretching from Connecticut Universities to WLIR, they're spreading their sound. They have been welcomed onto the stages of CBGB's, The Baggot Inn, The Knitting Factory, The Triad Theatre, and many more. DM3 was also recently featured at a meeting of The Songwriter's Hall of Fame. DM3 consists of singer/songwriter/guitarist Daria, acoustic-electric bassist Rich, and fusion drummer J.
website: http://www.dariamusktrio.com
email: info@dariamusktrio.com

Hat City Sheiks - Acoustic Roots (blues, jug, etc.)
Hat City Sheiks
Rooted in 60's music of all styles, this band draws on blues, country, jug and jazz for its repertoire. Original tunes as well. In the style of Jim Kweskin, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and the Lovin' Spoonful.
Jasper's Corner - Rock - Acoustic
Based in New Haven, Jasper's Corner is comprised of five members: Peter on vocals, harmonica, percussion and didjeridoo; Bill on 4 & 5 string bass; John on guitar (six and twelve string guitars, mandolin) and vocals; Jim on drums and percussion; and Eric on rhythym guitar and vocals. With the release of their first, full-length CD 'Wanderlust', Jasper's Corner hopes to bring their sound to the forefront of the music industry.
phone: 203-904-4812
website: www.jasperscorner.com
email: jasperscorner@yahoo.com

JSwine - Acoustic
If you prefer your Acoustic music a little bit more punchy, the acoustic Blues, Rock, and Jazz here may be to your liking.
website: www.jswine.com
email: jswine@jswine.com

Meg Hackett - Acoustic, Rock, Folk, Blues
Born in Greenwich, raised in the Fairfield County area of CT. A long time guitar student of Sal Salvador and voice with Jean Westerman Gregg. Meg has been performing in the Northeast Area for 17 years. She has shared the stage with like artists, Amy Correia. Megs new CD will be comming out in the spring. Check it out!
phone: 203-387-7680
website: www.meghackett.com
email: megmcmuf@juno.com

Mike Greca Band - Acoustic Soul
Mike Grece Band Mike Greca is a Connecticut native b. 1977 who has been honing his talent for years. Self taught in both piano and guitar, he began songwriting in college and hasn't stopped since. In his early twenties, mike spent six months in Nashville where he soked up some secrets of lyric-writing. Upon his return, he began playing locally in Connecticut coffehouses and bars with a wide array of musicians including Dan Prindle and Rachel Zamsteen.   His newest project is a live-recorded album entitled Songs of a Winding Road.  It is a compilation ofheartfelt songs backed by a powerhouse of musicians.
phone: 860-324-6068
email:mikegreca@hotmail.com Mike Lasala - Acoustic|Rock|Evolving|Soul
Acoustic Bands in CT
Mike Lasala (pronounced luh-sal-uh) is a New Haven, CT based singer / songwriter who merges gritty vocals, introspective lyrics, and groove-laden acoustic guitar to create his signature brand of soul-searching acoustic rock. Citing Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens, Steely Dan, and Neil Young among his influences, Mike conveys life lessons, observations, and experiences that seek to reassure others they are not alone on the journey we call life.
website: www.mikelasala.com
Perfect Silence - acoustic
Acoustic Bands in CT
Perfect Silence is an original heavy folk band.  We call our music heavy folk because of its stirring ability to be both introspective and outwardly observational, with an excess of emotion and a touch of social criticism.
Remember September -  Acoustic
remember September 2001
Band Website schodmusic.com
Band Members Jay Schod (Lead Vocals and Guitar) Chris Schod (Lead and Rhythm Guitar) Tim DeHuff (Lead and Rhythm Guitar) Frank Calderone (Bass) Sean Moffitt (Drums and Percussion)
Influences Dave Matthew's, Jack Johnson, John Mayer
Sounds Like Jack Johnson, Three Doors Down, Matchbox 20, Allman Brothers Type of Label None

VIRTUE - Acoustic/Rock/Funk
Virtue is a four piece acoustic/rock band with funk influence out of East Lyme, CT. We are ambitous about gigging and recording and are willing to play for just about any venue.
phone: 860-889-5723
WorthyCause - Acoustic
Acoustic Bands in CT
Acoustic Rock band from Springfield, MA (plays in CT regularly).  Wide selection from Dave Matthews, Phish, and current pop and rock.  Covers and originals.
website: http://www.worthycausemusic.com
email: john@worthycausemusic.com
World's Smallest Quartet - Acoustic
Acoustic Bands in CT
WSQ is an acoustic duo that plays everything from classic to modern rock.   The combination of guitar and bass, along with male and female vocals, adds another dimension to their sound.  Their catalog of nearly 200 songs allows them to play to any audience while their 100+ gigs/year are a tribute to their dedication and professionalism.
website: www.wsqband.com
email: wsq@wsqband.com


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